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Valentine's Day Adoption Clinic

Trap/Spay/Neuter/Release Program

Kade Parent, Proj. Coord., is responsible for setting the traps each Tuesday evening and then collecting them on Wed. mornings. The feral cats that are trapped are then taken to the veterinarians for health checks and subsequent spay or neuter procedure. The altered cats are later returned to the site where they were trapped. Many volunteers assist with the trapping effort. In 2011 the ACC was awarded a two-year PetSmart grant to assist with the feral cat spay/neuter program. It is our goal to alter at least 700 cats during the grant period.

Feeding Station Program

Many of the cats that are trapped for our spay/neuter effort are found around our approximately 30 feeding stations. They are located throughout the island and supplied daily with food and water by didicated volunteers. More feeding stations are being built by animal advocates and continually added to areas in need. The ACC supplies cat food for many of the stations; however, local residents also donate food for other stations as well as for feral cats that come to their homes.

"VolunTourism" Program

Acc shelter information is placed in all guest welcome packets in rental villas and resorts. Visitors to St. John are invited to tour the shelter, walk the dogs, spend time with the kitties or volunteer to fill some other need. Some folks just tour or make a donation; but, others who miss their pets enjoy directly interacting with the animals. For more information about becoming a VolunTourist, visit our VolunTourism page.

Adoption and Fostering Programs

Many of our island residents open their hearts and homes to our shelter cats and dogs by either adopting or fostering them. Even off-island adoption has been made easy. Island vets can provide shots and health certificates; and small animals are permitted to ride in the airplane cabin for a low fee. The ACC Staff members are available for advice, encouragement, and help with adoptions and fostering. Everyone has the opportunity to visit with a small sample of our adoreable and adoptable animals at the Marketplace each Tuesday from 11:30am to 2:30pm. Staff and volunteers are present to answer questions concerning adoption, pet care, and ACC operations. Stop by, say hello, pet a pet or, better yet, provide a foever home.