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Become a VolunTourist!

Hikes every Sunday starting at 8:30 am. Call for details, 774-1625

Looks Good, Feels Good & Does Good

These days, the hot new way to travel is not so much defined by the means of the vacation–i.e. the flight, the hotel, the gorgeous destination–but by the end result of a trip.

Voluntourism is sweeping the world as the trend for travelers in the know. The idea is simple, and it's catching.

ACC Hike

Everyone from college students to retired couples is finding a way to lend a hand and spend their vacations helping others in the communities they are visiting. There comes a point — generally when you’re on your third Cruzan and Diet, sunburned over 60 percent of your body and the kids are screaming in the infinity pool — when you start wonder if there is more to the whole vacation concept than lying on a beach getting toasted. A way of showing thanks for your own good fortunes, perhaps. You want a chance to contribute more to a local economy than buying overpriced trinkets that neither you nor your friends back home really need.

Voluntourism's recent upswing might be a reaction to significant world events. Tourism dollars are essential to bringing back a weakened local economy, so voluntourists help with both their hands and their money. And many travelers want to interact with a culture in a more meaningful way than tramping through its tourist attractions.

Be the change… Enjoy a voluntourism adventure in St. John and return with treasured memories and incredible stories, knowing you have touched lives of loving animals in need. And don’t forget maybe the best reason – people feel good when they’re helping. Studies have shown that there is a positive relationship between health and volunteering.

Come visit St. John and be a VolunTourist!

Contact us before or during your next visit to the islands and see why our volunteers feel that they take more away than they give.