Our Future

Triplets Volunteer

True to our purpose, the ACC continues its advocacy for the well-being and care of homeless, abandoned and abused animals on our island while fostering positive community relations through such programs and events such as animal care clinics and other educational opportunities. Unique school programs are planned to raise awareness of the proper care and respect of both feral and domestic animals on St. John. Much emphasis is on the humane care and treatment of animals needing protection; and, ending dog fighting and associated abuse.

The ACC Board of Directors and shelter staff are excited and energized by goals achieved such as our PetSmart grant to support the Trap/Spay/Neuter/Release program; and future goals that include a dog park and new and expanded shelter location. As always the work continues to mobilize the local community as well as visiting vacationers to donate their time, talent and treasure. Dog walkers and cat companions are always in demand, as are foster homes and forever homes for our waiting, furry friends.

Our goal to expand our membership list is unending; and we welcome the support of everyone who shares our purpose and vision.

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